Precious Metals:

Such as gold, silver, platinum, copper or other metals, we may have good news for you. Currently, precious metals such as gold are in high demand, and can be converted into cash far easier than most assets by banks.   If you have gold bullion, you’ll almost always be able to get into trade, since most banks will loan against gold bars.

Valuable Art:

This can be paintings, antiques, collectibles, and other similar items.  As you would expect, this would be VERY hard to take into trade because they are completely illiquid items.  The value of art is completely based upon demand, and with the unstable global markets, it has becomes tougher to get a loan against art than ever.

Precious Stones:

This can be diamonds, rubies, and other precious stones owned by a collector.  These stones will come with a gem certification and appraisal, and should also have a SKR (Safe Keeping Receipt) as well.  In most cases, precious stones are very tough to monetize unless you can sell them in the open market, or you have a private investor to loan against them.  Either way, though we have heard of gems being used for private placement trades, it should be considered rare and tough to achieve.

Real Estate:

If you have valuable rated commercial and residential estate and its value is approved by a good bank, we can place your asset for placement program.