What Are Stocks?
Generally, the Business has two meanings as Company shares; specifically, common stock. Also, the proportional part of a firm’s equity capital represented by fully paid up shares.

Rated, Evaluated and Safe storage Goods that companies keep to meet upcoming mandate. i.e Precious Metals, Precious Stones, Fuel etc.

When stocks refer to shares, it may refer to any type of security that represents ownership of a business and signifies a claim on part of the company’s assets and earnings – either common or preferred shares. The owner of common stock (common shares) is entitled to receive dividends and to vote at shareholders’ meetings.

Exchangeable Favored Stocks are preferred shares with an option to convert them into a fixed number of common shares – generally at any time after a specified date.

For example, a value of above to Exchange into fixed numbers i.e LTN/MTN/STN

Stock Knowledge

Only high qualified Degrees owners cannot assure the successful stock business because it is a very wide field. The below points are highly important for stock business.

1-Domestic and International Trade Market study and scoping experience,
2-Intercontinental chain of cooperative experts’ companies,
3-Correct estimation between demand and supply,
4-Accurately estimation of demand and Market for the next five years,
5-Full awareness of international from global situations and disputes,
6-Well knowledge of all concern rules and Law as IMF, Banking, ICC, ICB, UNECE, PPP and Local Government.
7-Risk Analysis
8-Time sheet

Merely Explaining

“Trading” stock is a bit of a misnomer. All it really refers to is the buying and selling of stock for money. So, whenever you purchase or sell your equity, that’s considered trading.

there are below general types of the Stock Trade:

Exchange floor trading.

This is the kind of trading you see on movies and television with all the people shouting on the floor of the any Stock Exchange/Stock market. It’s a bit of a complex process, but at its core, here’s how it works: You tell your broker to purchase stock from a company, the broker sends a clerk to the floor to find a trader willing to sell you the shares, they agree on a price, and you get the shares.

Electronic trading,

This is a much more intuitive process for individual investors. It most often comes in the way of online brokerage platforms that allow you to immediately issue a trade during trading hours. No more relying on screaming floor traders to pick up shares for you.

FI Stock Trade

The Finance Instruments Stock Trade is one of very top-level Trade involved all top 100, top 50 and top 25 Platforms with particular structure and backup of a strong bank.

FI/TF offering by most international top banks in form of a part and type of transaction services. i.e a top bank offers its financial instruments such is Bank Draft, SBLC/BG/MTN for a fixed time according to rules and regulations of Banks.

How it working?

A Trade Platform purchase the Stock of Bank instruments/FI at minimum 30% and maximum 63%, the trade Platform acts further to sale, monetize, discount or place for credit line with other top Banks, the same process is repeating again and again at the end of Trade program the instruments returns to the issuance bank without any deduction. Through this way the Platform earns minimum 10% for each involved party i.e Applicant/ issuance Bank, Monetizer Bank, Trader Supporter Bank, Platform, Trader, and also 5% for brokers.

This type of Trade is regulated and supported by UNECE and European Union, but as the US Federal is directly issuing the US Bonds in form of LTN and MTNs therefor they are giving permission only to their registered and Licensed Brokers to work in the monopolized limits of US Federal bank, protect the high value tax of the US Government. The US FB creating to many headaches for all foreign traders under Label of Due Diligence they asking for cooperating and collecting whole data then starting the ways how to remove it from market? Due to this reason all international Platforms already avoids to work with any US Bank, US Passport holder, US Company and US Bonds.

The UNECE have special support and guideline for such type of Stock Trade.

Contact us today and invest your SBLC/BG/CD or cash block in this type of Stock Trade and earn high profit without any risk.