Criteria of Qualified PPP Service providers 

1No upfront fee or charges.
2-They accept to confirm the project cost against pre-advice only, and after confirmation and full satisfaction the SBLC/BG will required.

  1. 3-They are able to meet you face to face with open address and legal registered license.
  2. 4-Any government employee, criminal history and politics involved person(s) are not allowed to do Public Private Partnership (PPP)
  3. 5-All those persons/firms who are involved in politics, army, any illegal business and criminal recorded firms/persons cannot be a service provider of PPP.
  4. 6-The Qualified service provider not dealing via internet.
  5. 7- Must be registered with UNECE

Why PPP through ADP? 

 1-It is Private sector business, so governments cannot have a direct involvement in trade program.

  1. 2-There is no trader or platform to deal direct with any government or its employee for PPP purpose.
  2. 3-All traders, platforms and its trade banks conducts a Due Diligence on all applicants and rejects non-regulated and direct clients.
  3. 4-The ADP have all relevant knowledge and experience in Private Public Partnership and Private Placement Process.
  4. 5-The ADP is able to meet the criteria of qualified service provider.
  5. 6-ADP can confirm the project cost against Pre-advice, RWA or Letter of Intake of the public or private client.

Client Risk Factors

  • ADP has structured funding to eliminate any risk for the Client.
  • The Client never uses cash to obtain non-interest and non-recourse loan for its projects.
  • The client issues pre-advice via MT-799 to ADP bank, and the ADP reserving the required funds and confirms the project cost in favor of its client via Swift from top trusted western banks guaranteed by the top bank(s)
  • Upon full satisfaction the client issues SBLC via MT-760
  • The client SBLC returns to its bank without any line after successful completion of the project.
  • So there is zero % risk in this funding program.