Frequently Asking Questions and Answers about ADP

What mean ADP Platform?

It means Asian Development Platform and it is an association of multiple companies legally registered in Afghanistan, Turkey, UAE, Singapore and Europe and providing wide range of professional business services specialty skillful in Private Public Partnership

ADP works with qualified private companies, groups and Public sectors according to rules, regulations, Law and ADP Policy.

Can we get the ADP Grants?

As a rule, ADP works through UNECE PPP and Stock Trade with Public and Private sectors, it means there are some basically terms and condition such is workable collateral or asset placement as the value. If someone is qualified and meet the procedures terms and conditions then he/she can obtain ADP services.

What are criteria of qualified Clients/Countries?

  • The country must non-sanctioned
  • ADP accept only social origin project(s) or business,
  • The Client must have clean, clear, non-criminal history,
  • The client must able to place a valued collateral or block its asset to obtain the utilization and credit line service for its projects or business,
  • If the project is non-profitable the funds will be 100% non-refundable, but for commercial project the client must accept and agree 15% share in project profit and must agree to return only 50% of granted amount.
  • In case the applicant is a company or group they must have license and proper registration and authorization for subject business/ project(s).
What is Islamic finance (or Shari’ah-compliant financing)?

Islamic finance is subject to the following essential principles:

  • Prohibition of interest / no REBAH
  • Fair and transparent dealings / avoidance of conjecture and uncertainty – Islam prohibits uncertain or ambiguous transactions, gambling and speculative behavior. Consequently, Islamic banking principles require that parties to a transaction should have asymmetric information to guard against exploitation of the weak.
  • Real economic activity with underlying assets – Making money out of money is unacceptable; financial transactions must have a direct link to an economic transaction with underlying assets.
  • Ethical investments – Investments in industries considered to be detrimental to the welfare of the community, such as weapons and armaments, alcohol, gambling and pornography, are prohibited.
Can ADP provide Shari’ah-compliant financing?

Yes, ADP all Transitions and system is according to ICC and Islamic Law, ADP not supporting and REBAH Transaction.

ADP provides financial service to its qualified clients for Public and Private sectors.

Why ADP asking Collateral in all cases?
  • to control the fund misusing risk,
  • to control the project work
  • to avoid corruption
  • to avoid scam and fraud
  • to avoid money laundry
  • to avoid any illegal transaction
  • to allow ADP for establishing a real credit line on base of real value,
  • to avoid involvement in any political or militarily activities,
  • to insure the project completion
  • to ensure the quality and quantity
  • to insure successful performance
  • What are the principal structures of ADP for project(s) Funding?There are two structures for Public sectors
    • The Governments who like to issue collateral to ADP, i.e Oil Back contract, Prime banks SBLC/BG/Bonds or Sovereign Guarantee,
    • The Governments who likes to ask for collateral from ADP, i.e top banks guarantee against assigning development funds for social projects,

    It depends on Public sector to select any option then the structure will be on base of same option.

    Structure for Private Sectors

    There are few structures for private sectors

    • The parties who able to issue the prime banks Guarantee,
    • The parties who able to block the available funds,
    • The Parties who able to place its assets as collateral,
    • The parties who are contractor of Public sector and the Public acts as Guarantor as behalf of Contractor,

    The procedures depend on client selection and ability.