Projects Funding
ADP non-refundable funding program is an exceptional model for social and commonwealth projects of public and private sectors. ADP has high capacity for widering social projects funding in form of non-refundable grant funds.

ADP funding program is for welfare and charitable projects only. Such kind of projects must be approved by all relevant authorities and the helpful effects of the project is a must for civil population without prejudice only.

ADP grants funds for welfare and charitable projects against acceptable collateral as Sovereign Guarantee, Bank Guarantee and Stand by Letter of Credit. The collateral of the client must be 50% of the face value of its project and remain in favor of ADP until completion of the project.

The collateral of the client shall be returned back to the client without any deduction after successful completion of the projects, the granted fund will non-refundable and the services of the project(s) must be 95% free of any charge for civil population.

ADP Funding program is for below types of the project for both Private and Public sectors.

  • Educational Development projects
  • Health care projects
  • Water supply and Irrigation
  • Agriculture
  • Civil Infrastructure projects
  • Hydro Dems
  • Energy
  • Helpless women, Orphanage
  • Educational Social media and TV.