The assortment for private banking, requires very high experience and financial knowledge. This is special profession of wealth management advisory to advice and guide a client for good personal financial and banking for maximum profit and zero percent risk according to rules, regulations and Law.                            

Private Banking

Wealth is the abundance of valuable resources or valuable material possessions, the correct, exact route, placement and time of the wealth using can be diagnose by some wealth managers to yield maximum return.

There are different types of the wealth and the analyzing and structuring of the wealth for exact direction and risk free private banking is one of particular professional advisory service of ADP, to lead you to most appropriate, profitable and risk-free option according to rules, regulation and Law.


The Currency is the legal accepted and regulated form of money, like paper notes and coins.

Generally, each country issues their own currency under rules and regulation of their central bank. General definition is that a currency is a system of money (monetary units) in common use, especially in a nation issued and regulated by the central bank of the nation. For example.

Arabic Emirates Dirham, Saudi Rail, Afghani, European euros, British pounds and US dollars.

Currency Exchange

Every day thousands of traders and other people transfer’s, exchanges and sends their money across borders. There are many systems for fast transfer of low amount in markets as western union, UAE exchange, Forex and other private exchanges.

There are particular rules and regulations which limits the rank and ring of services of money exchanges. For example if a company or person want to transfer his clean clear non-criminal funds in high level alike up to 10 million Euro or one 10 billion Euro, then it will be very hard for unprofessional to do safely the subjected transfer to its intended country or beneficiary.

There are many disputes between currency sender, service provider and beneficiary due to payment delay,

Non-performance, central bank and local bank approvals problems, because the non-professionals parties does not know about rules, regulation and currency exchange Law.

Some international public and private companies, refineries and industries have exported their products under terms of commodities exchange contract to different countries in high value, under terms of such kind of contracts the exporters exports their commodities to other country and sell their products but they are not allowed to exit their funds from the country where they sold their products, they will be responsible to buy the products of that country.

For such types problems ADP have good solution according to rules, regulation and terms of the contract. The top members of ADP almost have funds in different countries for interchange, so ADP have under spot deals solution to interchange your available currency from one country to other country according to banking rules and Law.


ADP discards all category of deal with UN sanctioned countries and never accept any form illegal funds deals. ADP can assist the customers for clean, clear and non-criminal non-military funds services.