What is monetization?

An asset to convert into money, or convert a paper note to coins.

But the word of monetize have different meaning defending on the subject and type of the subject, for example Business monetize of the products, Government monetize debt to kept interest rates on borrowed money low to circumvent money disaster. The different central banks as U.S Federal bank and National treasury, European Union bank and other government buying the debt by buying their cash notes through securities, Medium Term Notes, Long Term Notes and different bonds to collect the money from peoples to save the balance of cash notes. The government can print more money but the printing of more money will cause for inflation.

A part of Governmental banks, the top private banks also issuing the Securities, MTNs’ LTNs, bond and bill of exchanges to the market to collect cash money against medium terms and long terms paper security, and further invest the cash money according to their master business plan and earn the money before the maturity date of their issued securities.

What mean the Monetizing in bank securities market?

A bank instrument to convert into cash money before maturity date at discount price, for example a MTN  in value of 100 million, and three years are remain for its maturity date, but the owner need for cash funds for his planed legal business, so he agrees to give the MTN against 50% price or whatever they agreed.

ADP is the principal to monetize  your non-leased owned SBLC/BG-MTN – LTN and CD’s

ADP is also a panel for sell, purchase, discount, monetization, managing of the asset for your project funding and Private Placement Process.